Victim Witness Assistance Program

For many years, victims of crime were virtually invisible in the laws and policies that govern our justice systems. To the extent victims of crime had a role in the justice system, it was narrow; to the extent victims had rights, they were few. Victims often felt ignored and confused by the legal system that was supposed to be helping them.

Help is now Available

The Victim Services Unit is committed to providing victims of crime with access to comprehensive, quality services regardless of the nature of their victimization, age, race, religion, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, capability, or geographic location. In addition, we seek to make the criminal justice system more understandable, accessible and humane.

Program Goal

The primary goals of the Victim/Witness Assistance Program are to reduce the level of secondary injury associated with the aftermath of crime and to aid in the prosecution of criminal cases by ensuring that crime victims and witnesses are provided with the entitlements and services mandated by the Massachusetts Victim Bill of Rights (M.GL. c. 258B) and those additional services provided as a policy of the program within the Office of the District Attorney.

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Office of District Attorney Joseph D. Early, Jr.
Victim / Witness Assistance Program
Domestic Violence Unit : 508.755.8601


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