Help for Domestic Violence Victims

A Message from District Attorney Joseph D. Early, Jr.

As your District Attorney, I am committed to ensuring the safety and protection of every resident of Worcester County.

When it comes to the issue of violence, we often assume that it comes from the hands of a stranger. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. Domestic Violence occurs in many homes, at the hands of the people we may know or love. A way in which we can keep our families safe, and combat this violence is by educating our communities and creating a greater awareness of Domestic Violence.

The Goal of the Domestic Violence Unit in my office is to assist and educate those who have been emotionally and physically abused through domestic violence.

If you or someone you know is in a relationship that is abusive, I urge you to call for help. Our Domestic Violence Advocates are available to assist you in creating a safety plan to ensure your safety.

Joseph D. Early, Jr.
District Attorney​

Massachusetts Domestic Violence Hotline
800 799-7233 (SAFE) (TTY 877 521-2601)

New Hope Hotline
800 323-4673 (TTY 800 323-4673)

YWCA of Central Mass. (Daybreak) Hotline
508 755-9030

24 Hour Chat line: 

Pathways for Change (Formerly the Rape Crisis Center of Central Mass.) Hotline
800-870-5905 (TTY 888 887-7130)

Jane Doe

SafeLink Statewide Hotline:
TTY: 1-877-521-2601

Living in Freedom Together (LIFT)

LIFT is a nonprofit organization committed to ending the sex trade through the implementation of the Equality Model. They offer healthcare, advocacy, room, board, outreach, rehousing, youth mentorship, community resources, support, pre-arraignment diversion programs in partnership with the Worcester County District Attorney’s Office, awareness, and education.

For immediate assistance, to speak with staff, or to reach direct services personnel,

Phone: 508.762.9660

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