Our Mission Statement

I am proud to serve you as Worcester County District Attorney, and I am dedicated to our office’s twin missions – seeking justice through tough and fair prosecutions, and preventing crime with a variety of community-based outreach programs. Both goals are equally important.

Our staff of assistant district attorneys, victim-witness advocates, State Police investigators and others is committed to serving the people of Worcester County and keeping our communities safe and secure.

We feel that we can better serve our citizens by preventing a crime rather than prosecuting one, which is why we devote much of our resources to progressive community outreach programs. We know that early intervention is also critical, so we assign our best and brightest attorneys to Worcester Juvenile Court where they work with Probation and the court to help young defendants find better solutions to their problems. Our decisions affect the lives of victims, defendants and the public and we are mindful of our responsibilities to the communities we serve. We fight tirelessly for victims of crime, providing them with the services they need with a team of compassionate victim-witness advocates.

As the chief law enforcement officer of Worcester County, I am humbled by the trust you have put in me and honored to fulfill the responsibility of keeping our communities safe.

This website is designed to help answer your questions. However, if you need additional assistance, please call 508-755-8601 or email us at info@worcesterda.com.

Thank you.


Joseph D. Early, Jr.
District Attorney
Middle District

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