Diversion Program

The Diversion Community Service Program

The Worcester County District Attorney’s Adult Diversion Program allows first-time non-violent offenders between the ages of 17 and 22 who are charged with certain minor crimes to be considered for entry into a pre-trial diversion program. The program allows the first-time offenders a chance to avoid having a criminal record. The candidate fills out an Adult Diversion Agreement/Terms of Voluntary Participation application for acceptance into the program. Once accepted, the candidate has to agree to the following terms:

  • Successful completion of an online AlcoholEdu for Youth course and/or appropriate counseling services the Probation Department deems necessary
  • Performing 8 hours of community service
  • Paying court costs of one hundred dollars, $100.00, unless deemed waived or converted to additional community service hours

If the participant successfully completes the program, the District Attorney will not prosecute the case and the participant will not have a criminal record, the case will be dismissed prior to arraignment. However, if the participant does not successfully complete the program or voluntarily withdraws from the program, the case will go forward in court for prosecution.

The case will be monitored by a member of the district attorney’s staff who will also ensure compliance of these requirements.

The community service will be dedicated to diversion program initiatives, such as improving parks, playgrounds and fields in Worcester County used by children and adults. The labor from the diversion candidates will help make these spaces safer and more desirable for public use and youth programs.

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To request the Diversion unit perform community service, use this form: Diversion Request Form.

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