Worcester County District Attorney’s Office Internship Program

“We want every intern to get as much court room exposure as possible!”- Joseph D. Early, Jr.

Internship Program Overview

Through participation in our internship program, individuals are afforded the opportunity to observe and contribute to the day-to-day operations of the Worcester County District Attorney’s Office. This gives interns the opportunity to gain practical experience and a greater understanding of the Massachusetts criminal justice system. It is also an opportunity to make connections and have fun.

Typically, the Fall program runs from the beginning of September until the beginning of December. The Spring program starts in mid to late January and continues through the beginning of May. The Summer program runs from mid to late June through early August.

Internships are unpaid.

District Attorney Joseph D. Early, Jr.’s Internship Program varies depending upon the intern’s education level. College, graduate, and law school students will primarily intern one-on-one with Assistant District Attorneys (ADAs), assisting in case preparation, as well as observing court sessions. High school students will have the opportunity to observe courtroom proceedings such as arraignments, motion hearings, pleas, and trials, and will attend presentations by the District Attorney, ADAs, and others and will learn leadership skills and the complexity of the work of the Worcester County District Attorney’s Office. The presentations focus on such topics as prosecuting OUI, sexual assault, drug, murder, arson, domestic violence, and animal cruelty cases, among others. All interns might be asked to assist in filing, shredding, archiving, maintaining lists, and other clerical support duties.

3:03 Certified Students:

3:03 Certified Interns will be directly assigned to an ADA and will have an opportunity to answer on cases such as arraignments, motion hearings, and bench trial.

Law School Students:

Law school interns will generally assist prosecutors with case files, discussion of cases, courtroom shadowing, assist with managing discovery, possibly short research and writing assignments.

The Summer 2024 Internship Program is underway and closed to new participants. To apply for the Fall 2024 Internship Program, please use the link below.

Click here to apply for an internship

If you have any questions please contact either of our internship coordinators: Brendan McKiernan at or Kevin Lefrancois .


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