Bridget Del Rio -

Recovery Date: 1/1/2011

• Bridget Del Rio, 39 from Boston, Ma. Community outreach coordinator at Spectrum Health Systems, Everyday Miracles PRSC.


• Some challenges I faced in early recovery were fear, lack of self esteem, loss, depression, criminal record, debt, transportation and being stigmatized.


• Addiction impacted my life so severely that I lost everything and all I felt I had left was a life I didn’t think was worth living. Addiction took my children my freedom and my self worth. Addiction caused long lasting trauma, pain and loss to my children, my parents, etc.


• Stigma impacted my road to recovery for many years, unfortunately because of being seen as a “lost cause” a criminal/drug addict. I had so many distorted beliefs due to my addiction normals that I didn’t face a chance (or so I thought). I believe truly been given the right support with out judgements/ labels, I may have gained recovery a lot sooner. 


• Today I am a woman in long term recovery, celebrating 10 years in January. My life has changed drastically, I am trustworthy, present, capable and achieved. I remain teachable, humbled, confident, available and determined.


• I credit aiding my recovery process to MCI Framingham, re-entry team, self help books, my mother, my husband, my children- my strength, counseling, Everyday Miracles PRSC, continued education, Worcester recovery community and all the recovery allies and supporters.

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