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General Disclaimer
The District Attorney’s Office for Worcester County has created this website for general informational purposes. The material found on this site is intended, but not guaranteed, to be correct, complete, and up-to-date. The information on our website is not presented or intended as specific legal advice. Any reference we may make to statutes and/or cases is not meant to be a comprehensive statement of the law or a substitute for thorough reading and research of the law. For this reason you are cautioned not to rely solely on the general information in this website (or in any other website) for legal advice, instead you should contact the District Attorney’s Office and/or attorney of your choice with any specific legal questions or issues.

Disclaimer for Hypertext Links
In this website there may be hypertext “link” references to other on-line, World Wide Web resources. Although a significant effort has been made to ensure that only the most useful and meaningful locations are linked on our website, the District Attorney’s office does not endorse, guarantee, or warranty accuracy, reliability, or thoroughness of any linked information. Any opinions, advice, statements, services, or other information or content on these third party sites are those of their respective authors, publishers, etc., and they do not state or reflect those of the District Attorney’s office for Worcester County.

Users of this website are informed that links on this site are not referrals. Links in our website are merely intended as notices to our readers of places that may be of potential interest to them. We cannot be responsible for any errors or omissions made on these pages. Before linking to any site we have reviewed its contents. Changes that may be made to a linked website after our link was created are not within the control or responsibility of this office and we, in any case, cannot assume responsibility for any of the information or content that may appear in the linked site.

Privacy Information
The privacy of visitors to this website is a top concern and priority.

When you use this website we will attempt to protect your privacy to the maximum possible extent. It is possible, however, that this office may receive some information from you through this website which is subject to the provisions of the Massachusetts Public Records Law (General Laws Chapter 66, section 10). For that reason we cannot ensure absolute privacy. This message is to inform you about the information that may be obtained from you via this website, what is done with this information, to whom that information may be disseminated, and how you can access that information yourself. With this knowledge you should be better informed and able to make the choice about weather or not to share “personally identifiable information.”

“Personally Identifiable Information”
This means any information (e.g. Name, address, E-mail address, etc.) that could reasonably be sued to identify you.

Information Provided Voluntarily by Visitors to this Site
The only voluntary information collected from you via this website is the information contained in any e-mail messages that you may send via this website to our office. Those e-mails are likely to contain “personally identifiable information.”

Information Automatically Collected and Stored
This site is hosted for the District Attorney’s Office by another state agency, the Information Technology division (“ITD”) within the Executive Office of Administration and Finance. We have been informed that ITD does not collect “cookies” by they may collect and indefinitely store your Internet Protocol (“IP”) address. IP addresses do not specifically identify you as an individual. Information about the date and time of visits to our website and on how many bytes of information were transmitted to you over the web from this site is also collected. The IP address of visitors to this site is used to measure the frequency of visits and the popularity of various pages and functions on this site. This office will not attempt to match any personally identifiable information that you provide with your IP address except in cases when there may be reasonable grounds to believe that doing so would provide information that could be material and relevant to a criminal investigation.

Dissemination of Personally Identifiable Information
If you voluntarily submit personally identifiable information to us via e-mail, the Massachusetts public Records Law and other applicable laws and regulations govern its dissemination. For this reason, part or all of the information you send to us may be the subject of a public records request. It may also not be subject to disclosure if there is an applicable exemption in the law.

Information that you voluntarily submit via this website will be disclosed to only the Commonwealth employees or officials on a “need to know” for purposes of fulfilling their job responsibilities. These persons will only use this information to answer your questions, respond to your requests for assistance, and to fulfill our legal obligations, duties, and responsibilities.

Access and Opportunity to Correct
Massachusetts Law provides individuals with certain rights about information that is in our records. To learn more about the circumstances under which you can review and correct this information please consult with an attorney or review the provisions in Massachusetts Public Records Law, General laws Chapter 66, Section 10.

Security of E-Mail
This site does not encrypt incoming e-mail messages. For that reason you should not send highly sensitive information through this website. Standard security measures to ensure that you personally identifiable information is not lost, misused or unintentionally destroyed are employed. Software programs that may monitor network traffic to identify unauthorized attempts to upload or change information or to otherwise cause damage are also in use. Except for authorized law enforcement investigations or as otherwise discussed in this notice, no attempt is made to identify individuals or usage habits.

In the event that we make any changes to these Privacy Provisions we will post those changes on our website at least 30 days before they take effect. Any information collected under the existing policy will remain subject to those terms, and any information collected after any changes take effect will be subject to those new terms.

Contact Information
For questions relating to this website, or your privacy while using this website, please contact:

District Attorney Joseph D. Early, Jr.
Worcester County District Attorney’s Office
225 Main St., Room G-301
Worcester, MA 01608
Telephone: 508-755-8601
Email: Joseph D. Early, Jr., District Attorney, c/o Jennifer Nadeau

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