Diversion Program News Coverage

Diversion program cut city pot penalty

As a practical matter, a first offense of possessing a small amount of marijuana was effectively decriminalized for young adults in parts of Worcester County months before a November ballot initiative made it the letter of the law statewide.

DA’s Adult Diversion Program revamps Foley Stadium fields – Worcester Mag

Above: Volunteers carry the beginnings of a back wall to a dugout/Steven King photos The Foley Stadium baseball, field hockey and soccer fields behind Commerce Bank Field are getting a much needed renovation as the latest project in Worcester County District Attorney Joe Early Jr’s Adult Diversion Program.

A needed diversion – Worcester Mag

Every once and awhile, someone in Worcester between the ages of 17 and 20, will wander out into the street sipping the last can in a six-pack of Keystone. And every once and awhile, that person will be arrested and charged with being a minor in possession of alcohol.

Worcester County District Attorney Joe Early uses confiscated drug money to fund Worcester youth programs

DA Joe Early By Ron O’Clair District Attorney Joe Early Jr. believes that his organization can reduce crime with preventative measures. In the period from October 2013, through June of 2014 his office has donated a total of $125,057.44 in seized drug assets to various programs throughout the Worcester County that are aimed at education and prevention of crime in juveniles.