Thomas Morrell - Northbridge

January 27, 1960 - April 20, 2015

Tom, my dad, was a loving father who raised me to the best of his ability. He made sure I had all I needed, my whole life he struggled with addiction, tried over and over to get clean using different types of methods and treatment facilities. They worked for awhile then he got back with the same “friends” and went right back to the lifestyle. Heroin for my father wasn’t to feel the high, but it was to make it through the day, his body was so needing of it that. Unless you knew him and his addiction you would never know he was using. He will always be remembered as the amazing father he was. He always wanted a grandchild. He wasn’t given that want while alive but he now has a beautiful 10-month-old granddaughter that I know he keeps a solid eye on from above. I love you dad.

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