Krystyna Kukla-Soulia - Greenfield`

July 15, 1983 - June 25, 2015

Krystyna suffered with this disease for 10 years. In and out of recovery for years, she lost her father in 2007 and just couldn’t get her life together. Turned to Heroin, she suffered from PTSD. Struggled with chronic homelessness. Where do you go after graduating from a halfway house, when your credit is ruined. CORI is bad because of a felony conviction, drug related. State took her drivers license because of this felony. She lost custody of her daughter (her life) she turned to Heroin to kill all her pains. It killed us along with her. What were we to do, help her. Use tough love. Nothing worked. We did everything. She was living in a local halfway house and her roommate purchased the Heroin that killed her. My daughter went into a bathroom at a local meeting clubhouse OD’ed and wasn’t found for some time. My daughter had only been 25 days at this halfway house. My question, where was the staff of this house, when they dropped them off? When found this girl ran and called 911 while someone performed CPR. Paramedics arrived and taken to local ER. Hospital restarted her heart and she was put on life-support and shipped to a trauma center 50 miles away. After 3 days she was declared brain dead. I had life support removed. She was my only child 31 years old. And left behind a now 12 year old daughter, that knew her mom. Why because my daughter had many months in recovery throughout those 10 years, she tried everything. This drug destroys lives, it destroys families. It destroyed mine. I’ve worked my whole life to give my child a good life. She went to one of the finest boarding schools for high school, 2 years college (that’s where it started). Went on to graduate a program through Bard Collage. Was proud of her recovery. Our lives will never be the same, now we know where she is. I visit her regularly. She is at Hillcrest Park, Springfield Ma.

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