Joshua King Van Kleef - Rutland

December 4, 1986 - September 30, 2019

Joshua King Van Kleef was the most kind, sweet, handsome, caring, loving, wonderful, helpful, funniest dark humored beautiful soul I’ve ever met in my entire life. He was born in North Conway, NH but resided most of his life in Rutland, Massachusetts. He had a love for cars especially Porsche’s. He loved his family including his son Kaleb, (me) his girlfriend/soulmate, my son his stepson Jacob, his kitty Spooky, his mom Donna, his dad Ted, his brothers Michael and Nick, his sisters Brianna and Johanna, his step dad Gerry, and all the rest of his family and friends with his whole heart and soul. He was the best boyfriend I’ve ever had and he was the most patient and loyal person I’ve ever met in my life. He was a car salesman and finance manager for many years. He loved to collect watches, golf especially with his father, fish, have bonfires, walking, hiking, listening to music, planning/thinking about his future with his son, me, and my son. He also talking to and hanging with me, family, especially his son and he loved to love. He had the best personality, laugh, smile, and humor! He could make anyone feel good or smile. He brightened the lives of everyone who knew him. He was a ray of sunshine in a dark world. He was a true leader. He dreamed of a better life always. He always tried to be positive. He thrived on others happiness. He was artistic as in he could draw really good, do tattoos, wasn’t afraid to get his hands dirty, always helped me out when I was down and out emotionally, mentally, physically, and financially. He was also into traveling, sushi, a foodie, had deep love for all of his family, showed me love in ways no one ever has, could make lanyards out of paracord, always put others before himself, was a great father to his only baby Kaleb, stepdad to my son, boyfriend to me, son, cat dad, brother, stepson, like family to my family and friend. He could do face paint as well as fix cars, sell cars, talk about anything, was a great listener, great man, great person all around. He was everything a man should be minus his addiction which unfortunately killed him. I will always remember him and so will all the people who knew Joshua! I will never let his memory die. I will always hold him in my heart and soul. I still wake up everyday wishing it was a nightmare and he was still here to make me smile and brighten all of our lives with his heart of gold. He was amiable and just the best soul and person I have ever met in my entire life. I wish he could be here to watch his son grow up and my son too and to be with all of us who truly loved him with all of our hearts. One thing he said to me before he passed that night was that he loved his son Kaleb so much and he knew that if anything he was a great boy and he did something right in his life with him! He was his pride and joy, his everything. He also wanted to get married to me and have our own children together, live in a 2 garage house, it had to be a big house with our sons to have their own rooms and obviously our future children would have had their own rooms. He wanted a Porsche and we both wanted GMC suvs, we had everything all planned out, he was going to be a finance manager at a car dealership and we were about to start our lives together and one day destroyed it all for us and I will always love you babe with all of my heart and soul forever and always babe and I know that your son Kaleb feels the same way, my son does too, your family, your friends, and everyone whose lives you touched with your awesomeness and wonderful nature! Until we meet again my love in Heaven! You may not be here on earth with us but I do believe you are here on Earth in spirit always! I have seen so many signs from you that I wish I could kiss you, cuddle you, talk to you, hug you, be with you, hold your hand, tell you how much you meant and still mean to me, how much I love you, and how amazing you really were and always have been since the day I met you in 10th grade and I’m sure since you were born! Your parents should be so proud of who they raised because you were the best person and I could never get sick of you ever you were the love of my life and you will always remain the love of my life no matter if I ever find love again or “move on” I will always still consider you my soulmate, my one true love, my husband (even if you weren’t, and just the best guy ever!) You will always be in the hearts and souls of people that love you and always will live on.

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