John (Jack) Donahue - Worcester

April 21, 1976 - February 19, 2015

My uncle Jack Donahue (John) passed away at home February 19, 2015. Feels like yesterday. He was an Anna Maria college graduate in criminal justice. He worked for the state helping teenagers with troubled lives. He has 2 gorgeous children, Ben and Abby, that have to grow up without a daddy because of this horrible disease. My grandfather and grandmother spent their whole life savings, 401k etc. everything on trying to get him clean. I also ended up falling into addiction from the same drugs that killed my uncle, heroin and crack cocaine. I am 6 months sober from a year run from when my Grampa died one year after my uncle. I had 5 years. This disease doesn’t care who you are, it is not racist. I wanna remember my uncle who died cuz of this disease. It can happen to anyone. My sober date is march 15,2017. Rest In Peace Uncle J.

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