Anthony Sakaloglou - Worcester

August 3, 1989 - October 20, 2016

Anthony was pure radiant light. He never said a bad word about anyone, always stood up for the underdog, and was more worried about how his addiction affected others, than about himself. Anthony suffered from anxiety and OCD from the age of 12. His OCD was so severe, that he counted his breaths, the number of steps he took, and the number of syllables that he spoke. His life was exhausting. And yet he never stopped being a good son, brother, friend, or inspiration. After suffering an injury to his spine, he was prescribed pain killers. Not only did his physical pain go away, but also his anxiety and OCD. It was the first time he was able to truly relax, that he could remember. After his prescription ran out, the doctor refilled it. The rest is history. Our hearts go out to all of the inflicted soldiers fighting this battle…our sons, daughters, siblings, parents, and friends. May God give you the strength to continue your fight, in Anthony’s name.

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