DA Early Warns of Scams

November 3, 2014

Oct. 30, 2014

For Immediate Release

Contact: Tim Connolly 508 368-7236

or Paul Jarvey 508-368-7241

WORCESTER – Worcester District Attorney Joseph D. Early Jr. is warning citizens of a pair of scams aimed at getting money or personal financial information from unsuspecting victims.

Both scams have recently targeted residents of Worcester County.

One scam, aimed at senior citizens, includes a phone call from someone purporting to be a grandchild who is in trouble in Canada or another foreign country. The caller says they need money right away to stay out of jail, but to not tell a parent or anyone else.

Mr. Early said it is easy for scammers to use Facebook or other social media to find names to use.

Another scam involves an email that appears to be from the Internal Revenue Service. This so-called “phishing scam” directs would-be victims to an official-looking but bogus web site where personal financial information is requested.

The IRS warns that it never initiates contact with taxpayers with email to request personal or financial information.

“Don’t be fooled,” Mr. Early said. “What these scams have in common is that they seem legitimate, but they are not.”

Anyone who has concerns about requests for money or personal financial information is urged to call District Attorney’s office at 508 755-8601 or their local police.

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