Forensic Interview Process

What Should I Tell My Child About The Interview?

It is important to explain to your child that he/she will be meeting with someone to talk about what has happened to him/her. Children seem most comfortable when they have been informed about what to expect. You can let your child know that the interviewer is a person who talks to many children and that it is the interviewer’s job to help make sure children are safe. You should not tell your child what to say. It is best to simply instruct our child to tell the truth.

Note: All parent(s)/guardians are not allowed to be in the interviewing room while your child is being interviewed. This is due to the outcome potentially being a criminal case. You will be asked to wait in our waiting room while the interview is taking place. After the interview has occurred, you will be asked to join our multidisciplinary team in an after meeting to discuss the case.

The team observes from behind the two-way mirror.


Forensic Interview rooms:


Waiting rooms:


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