Services Offered

Services Provided by the CAC of Worcester County

Multi-Disciplinary Investigations

Professionals from different disciplines collaborate on CAC cases including, but not limited to, an Assistant District Attorney, a police officer, and a child protection professional.

Forensic Interviews

Specially trained forensic interviewers speak to the child victims in one of the CAC’s child friendly interview rooms, while other team members observe.


The District Attorney’s Office has a specially trained advocate assigned to work on cases that come through the CAC.

Medical Exam Referrals

If a medical exam is needed, the child will be referred to the Child Protection Program (CPP) at the UMass-Memorial Medical Center, where the child may have a child-sensitive, non-invasive medical exam.

Mental Health Referrals

The CAC provides referrals for counseling and therapy to child victims and their non-offending caregiver.  The Child Trauma Training Center (CTTC) has established a Centralized Referral System (1-855-LINK-KID) for families and the community to streamline the link between children who need evidence-based trauma treatment and mental health providers who have been trained in these treatments.