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Diversion Program

The Diversion Community Service Program

What is the Young Adult Diversion Program?

  • The Young Adult Diversion Program offers first-time, non-violent offenders who complete the Diversion Program a clean slate for their futures. This preserves their chance at obtaining future employment and educational opportunities, and also discourages recidivism.

Who Can Participate in the Young Adult Diversion Program?

  • First time offenders between the ages of 17-22 who are charged with certain non-violent crimes.

Requirements of the Program

  • Perform eight hours of community service
  • Pay $100 in court costs
  • Complete an online education program

The Benefits of Completing the Diversion Program

  • Participants can postpone their arraignment for 90 days while completing the requirements of the Diversion Program.
  • If the young offender completes the community service, pays the court costs and successfully completes the online course, the charges are dismissed before arraignment, affording a rare opportunity for a fresh start.

Why is this Second Chance So Important?

  • District Attorney Early realizes the impact a criminal record can have on these young adults. Rather than hindering the future of these offenders with a criminal record, District Attorney Early hopes that these young adults are able to realize that by completing this program they can stay on track and remain in their current programs as well as apply to college and seek employment in the future.

The Community Service Component Improves Worcester County

  • Participants help improve fields and parks in Worcester County so that more members of our community have safe places to play and children are able to engage in after-school activities.

The Community Service Component Helps Program Participants

  • By participating in this restorative justice program, young people are able to take responsibility of their wrong-doing while developing positive and meaningful relationships with role models and building a connection with their community.
  • Participants are able to build a sense of inclusion and pride in their community, and it is District Attorney Early’s hope that they will be motivated to stay on track and less likely to re-offend.

Read a research paper on the effectiveness of prevention programs in inhibiting crime.

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