Danny Whitney - Worcester

June 21, 1969 - June 18, 2006

Danny was just a great person. He was always there for anyone that was in need and he never judged anyone. If he saw someone in need of a friend he was there and helped the best he could. He was definitely someone you wanted in your corner. He was the most caring, outgoing, funny, hard working, solidest and truest man I’ve had the pleasure of having in my life. He was The Best Dad. His son Danny and stepson Travis were his world and those boys love him very much. He was the best friend you could ever want, he was loved by so many, it is sooo sad, just heartbreaking that all the love and support he had and he couldn’t reach out for help. He fought so hard all alone and no one or nothing was enough to save him from all the pain he felt. It hurts so much that he had to leave this world the way he did in order to stop his pain. My heart and I’m sure so many others were shattered beyond repair the day we lost him. It’s going on 11 years and it still hurts like it happened yesterday. I wish there was something that could have saved him, anything to help pull him away from the hell he was facing and it really hurts knowing he was hurting and suffering so much inside and no one even knew, he was all alone. So many lives have been changed and affected the day Danny came into your life, unforgettable memories were made, life was just better knowing him and the day we lost him the world as we all knew it has never been the same. You are never ever far from my heart. Thoughts of you are always there and always will be. I hope you are watching over our boys, you would be so proud of them, please keep them safe. Rock the heavens Boo lol See you on the other side. 33e

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